About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To make sure that every stay for each visitor is an experience of comfort and relaxation. Like home! We decided to have this phrase as a mission statement for Rhodes residence team. This is why we are always available to serve the visitor and take care of the best possible accommodation experience! We want you back with dozens of photos! Let us create more and more memories for you!


We love what is called ‘’experience holidays’’. That means that when a traveler returns from vacation he or she should  “remember” forever the moments he had. In order to do this, it is necessary to create pleasant feelings together. Joy, reliability, experiences, memories, images, tastes, routes. We are here to contribute to this. Ask us how to add experiences to your holidays in Rhodes!


Traditionally in Greece and of course in Rhodes, we love to host. Hospitality means to love and take care of the visitors. People who have come from somewhere else in your place. We pay great attention to hosting in practice. With a warm smile, a mood to serve even a small souvenir from our place sometimes. Hosting means warmth for us. So we welcome you today at your home in Rhodes. Giannis apartment or Villa Pylona.


What always counts in the end is ‘’people’’. Relationships. Many of the guests of Rhodes residence have become our friends. They visited us, they had a great time, they created experiences and pictures, and because of contributing even just a little to that we kept our communication until today. It is so important for nowadays that people come closer. Communicate more. Rhodes Residence team is here for you! Like friends!

Who We Are

Rhodes residence is a family affair. Two brothers, Giannis and Panagiotis, property owners are always eager to help you during your stay. They are here to offer you all the necessary information and to make your holidays in Rhodes an unforgettable experience. Rhodes residence consists of two properties, an apartment in the city of Rhodes and a villa near Lindos, in the southern part of the island. So there are both options geographically. The visitor of Rhodes deserves to visit both the city and Lindos. Both locations have different colors, history, a life that will surely be remembered for an animal. Rhodes is a global tourist destination. We, combine the “family” atmosphere and service to an amazing destination. We will be glad to offer you the Rhodian hospitality!